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SC Book Award
The winner of the South Carolina Junior Book Award for 2015-2016 for the state is Prisoner B-3087 by Alan Gratz!!
If only I could have seen into the future…if there had been any way to know what was going to happen…If only. I was just a kid and had no idea what would happen to my family and my world. Up until 1939, I had a normal life, living in a nice home with my family with plenty to eat and drink. Then, the Germans arrived in our town. We heard the rumors but chose to ignore them believing that the world would never allow the Jewish race to disappear from Europe. Families were removed from their homes and began to disappear, and finally my family was sent away. I was the only one left. That didn’t last long. I was taken first to Plaszow and my work in the concentration camps began. Words cannot describe the things I did and the things I saw. I don’t know how I held on and survived living in ten of the concentration camps operated by the Germans. The horrors of these places are too much for me to describe, so you’ll have to read my story in Prisoner B-3087.
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Read Box
Pick a book up from our readbox display. If you read three books, you will be able to attend a party.
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Scholastic Book Club
Scholastic Books
Code: GXGQ4
All orders must be made on-line. Students may pick up books after they order. Please do not send money to Jackson Middle School. Thank you.
Library Information
We are excited about the 2015-6 school year. Most students come to the library at least once a week to do research, projects, book check outs, make up tests, and much more. Students may check out two books for two weeks. After that time, they may renew the book if it is not on hold for other students. After a three day grace period, JMS charges a five cent per day fine. Students receive reminders about late books from their ELA teacher and may return books between classes, during classes, or before or after school. If a student does not return a book after repeated reminders, the library staff may contact the parents until the material is returned of paid for. Students must pay for lost books or damage to books.
In order to engage student interest and to provide a spur to critical thinking, the book selections in the media center do include some titles that involve sensitive issues and or mature content. Not every book selected will suit every student. Please let us know if you want to limit your child's check outs for any reason.
You can support the library by sending in box tops and labels for education. We also collect Coke tops(codes), printer cartridges and cell phones.
The school store is open in the mornings. It sells school supplies such as paper, pencils, notebooks and erasers. Most products are $0.25 to $1.00. 16G flash drives are $10.
What's happening at the library?
Our library has gotten a make over. Come check us out our new tables!
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Mackin VIA
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